Op-Ed Why Is Liberal California The Poverty Capital Of America?

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Op-Ed Why Is Liberal California The Poverty Capital Of America?

By Kerry Jackson at The L.A. TImes

Read this and weep, libtards, read it and weep!

It’s a shame that Jackson waits until just before the end of her piece to mention the most important buzz phrase in the piece–ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. They’re actually ILLEGAL ALIENS, but her version will suffice.

California has always held half to more than half of all illegal aliens in the U.S. I believe the national figure to be north of 50 million. So does Ann Coulter who I consider to be an immigration expert.

That means California has 25 million or more illegal aliens residing within its borders, sucking the state dry thanks to the largess of Communist and liberal State leaders.

The CRP is partly to blame, of course. Instead of fronting real Conservatives for office, it continues putting Meg Whitmans, Tom Campbells and other rich, spineless wussies up against the Communist left. Some will say, “But millions of Conservative voters left California!” and they would be right. However, many Conservative voters remained here, voters like me. And WE don’t vote for RINOs, wussies and other Republicans who think they can “buy” their way into Congress and state government! Why should Conservatives run in CA knowing the RINO-controlled CRP won’t back them? It boils down to what has happened to the national GOP, a party bought and paid for by the Chamber of Commerce.