Op-Ed: Why I Am Initiating A Forensic Investigation Of The 2020 General Election And 2021 Primary

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Op-Ed: Why I Am Initiating A Forensic Investigation Of The 2020 General Election And 2021 Primary

By PA State Senator Doug Mastriano at senatormastriano.com

It was almost “the perfect crime”–The Stolen Election, The Big Steal, whatever you want to call it.

It robbed Trump and his 80 million voters of a massive victory and gave control of the nation, the unthinkable, to the Communists and Socialists. It gave the Drug Cartel total control of our Southern Border and, thanks to Biden (with Obama behind-the-scenes pulling the strings and Trump-hating RINOs like McConnell and McCarthy with their “hands off” policy), over 1.5 million illegals were waved into the U.S. since January 20th and housed on taxpayer dollars in hotels and apartments with Catch and Release back in full force and the Remain in Mexico policy completely gutted. Stagflation is coming. Gas prices spiked as Biden halted the Keystone Pipeline together with the enviro-whackos stopping construction of all power plants and those prices aren’t going down adding to further pressure on the middle class. The COVID Lockdowns instituted by leftist Governors destroyed 30% of small businesses and much of the middle class in the U.S. Crime skyrocketed as leftist policies like New York’s “no bail” allowed criminals back onto the streets and Defund the Police have made entire cities unlivable. The release by CA Governor Newsom of over 18,000 inmates from state prisons and a similar release by NY Governor Cuomo helped spike the crime wave. It was and is “the perfect storm”–the destruction of America.

The algorithm/vote switching part of The Big Steal was orchestrated from China and other countries but the on-the-ground Conspiracy (which was massive) was committed by treasonous Trump haters here in America. For many months following the Election, it put Trump and his supporters on the defensive, making them look like sore losers and conspiratorialists. The Big Steal was SO BIG, it made it hard for people to wrap their brains around it. The Conspiracy was aided by Trump-hating RINOs in state government, particularly Governors like Ducey of Arizona and Kemp of GA as well as Secretaries of State like Raffensperger in GA  and now state AGs like Shapiro in PA. Those running our judicial system–as Daryl Cooper tweeted on July 8th and as discussed by Tucker Carlson on his July 9th show–were afraid that a Trump win would trigger leftist and black riots across the country.

As bad as this picture of America is, something happened that is now, slowly, turning things around: The Deplorables “went the state legislature route” knowing that’s where the Constitution says the power lies on elections.

The 5 key Battleground States–AZ, GA, MI, PA and WI–all have Republican-led legislatures. All five held committee hearings after the Election where the Trump Legal Team (led by Rudy Giuliani) provided testimony from many witnesses to the corruption in these states’ large, blue counties. One of them (AZ’s Maricopa County) is just now completing its full forensic audit although it is lacking the routers and tabulators that the County RINOs are refusing to provide. The results from “the count” from Maricopa County are rumored to be “earth-shattering”, implying massive fraud occurred in that county to steal the Election for Biden. Arizona will almost certainly DECERTIFY/remove their Biden electors and then would either 1) send A NEW SLATE OF TRUMP ELECTORS to D.C. OR 2) send NO ELECTORS to D.C., causing Biden to lose AZ and the state not being represented in the 2020 Election.

The Maricopa County Audit so impressed other state’s legislators that they are recommending such an audit for their key counties. Pennsylvania appears to be the next Battleground State to launch a forensic audit. State Senator Doug Mastriano has ordered Philadelphia, Tioga and York counties and possibly other counties will be audited. Tioga and York are Republican counties. The Democrat AG Shapiro is trying to stop or delay the PA audits.

Georgia may be the third Battleground State to order a forensic audit. A judge in Fulton County, Judge Brian Amero, is about to decide to allow Garland Favorito’s Audit the Vote GA org to forensically review 147,000 mail-in ballots. The state is fighting this effort. Beyond that, there is a strong movement in GA to audit Fulton County and other counties.

Wisconsin’s RINO House Speaker Randy Vos is blocking attempts to get a forensic audit going in The Badger State. Things don’t look good there for Patriots.