Now Is The Time For Trump To Order ICE/DHS To Remove The 50 To 60 Million Illegals

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Now Is The Time For Trump To Order ICE/DHS To Remove The 50 To 60 Million Illegals

By Dave Levine

Some experts believe the actual number of illegal aliens in the U.S. to be 40 million or more. It behooves the country to remove as many of those here illegally as possible and as soon as possible! With fewer illegals, there will be fewer illegals who come as part of chain migration. When you break the chain by massive deportation, you break the chain migration. As illegals are deported, many will self-deport particularly now with the pandemic fully in place.

With tens of millions of Americans out-of-work (the 3.8 million figure doesn’t include self-employed Americans like myself who are also out-of-work), Trump is bringing in tens of thousands of H-1B India nationals to take our jobs. The H-1B program should be shut down indefinitely and Trump can do it.

Crime will drop precipitously if most illegals are deported. There will also be fewer Coronavirus infections as illegals have the disease just as Americans do. With massive deportations, rents will also drop as millions of apartments and homes will be vacated. The massive pressure on our hospitals’ ERs will be reduced as ERs are where illegals go for medical care. Most importantly, American lives will be saved by millions of illegal alien drivers being off the roads except in Southern California, Arizona and Texas where millions of illegals will be on the highways and freeways headed for Mexico.

Politically speaking, Trump is in danger of losing his reelection bid. The one thing that might save his reelection would be massive deportation of illegals. He ran on this but bowed to Pelosi who wanted the raids halted to protect her illegal alien friends.