No Difference Between Sanders, Bloomberg, Biden And Trump On Amnesty

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No Difference Between Sanders, Bloomberg, Biden And Trump On Amnesty

By Dave Levine

There’s no difference between Sanders, Bloomberg and Biden. One of them will be the Democrat nominee. All three have something in common with Trump–they all want the 50 to 60 million illegals Amnestied.

Trump hasn’t come out and said he wants a General Amnesty but he was ready to Amnesty DACA illegals when he said he’d sign The Gang of Four Amnesty Bill in June 2018. He also had Stephen Miller craft Trump’s “Four Pillars Amnesty” plan. And while the DACA Amnesty would legalize 3.8 million illegals, not 50 million illegals, it shows that Trump wasn’t anti-Amnesty. If he was, he’d have said so.

Once he’s reelected, there won’t be any way to stop him from pushing a General Amnesty thru Congress. There are only 36 House Republicans who would vote against Amnesty and only one or two Republican Senators who would vote against it.

Some Republican voters don’t care. They just want to keep Sanders or Bloomberg out of The White House. My warning about Trump is to Conservative voters who’ve seen Trump hold events with federal felons he’s freed by signing Jailbreak I and II. Trump has said he “isn’t finished” emptying our prisons! National Jailbreak I and II were just “the beginning”!

And once a General Amnesty bill is signed into law, it’s permanent. The Invaders will have won.