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By Dave Levine

Those thin-skinned Republicans–be they Conservatives or not–who don’t like what I thought of President Ronald Reagan–can stay in their little groups, deify him and not tolerate criticism of his policies as if he’s “above criticism”. But on Facebook or here at Dave Levine Online, we are free to state our positions on politicians including Reagan and I won’t be silenced!

Those of you who wish to protect Reagan from criticism can take your “11th Commandment” and shove it! I haven’t been a Republican since 1996 and never agreed to that concept when I was one!

As a matter of fact, that concept in my opinion gave RINOs complete control of that party! If we can’t criticize our leaders, we might as well be living in a banana republic.

Reagan’s Amnesty gave us MILLIONS of illegal aliens who take the lives of thousands of Americans every year, depress wages and don’t assimilate. By doing this, he changed the demographics of the nation forever. There are over 1 million illegal alien gangbangers in the U.S.–the most ruthless, vicious people on earth. Reagan had 8 years to shut down the Border with Mexico. He chose not to.

He also sent 300 unarmed Marines to Lebanon where they were blown up in their sleep by the Islamists. I won’t even go in Iran-Contra.

Sorry, but Reagan was never an idol to me and I’ll criticize him till the cows come home! Moo!