#NeverTrump Patriots Vindicated By Lewd Video

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#NeverTrump Patriots Vindicated By Lewd Video

By Dave Levine

People can say anything they want about #NeverTrump Patriots led by Conservative talk show host Steve Deace and others but one thing they can no longer deny–we were right about Trump all along and that vindicates us from any blame for his fall from power.

The “I told you so’s” are out in force this morning on social media. We warned you about this moron, this blowhard, this bigot, this racist, this clown, this misogynist!┬áBut #NeverTrump Patriots aren’t “beating our chests” in glee. We’re watching carefully to see what the GOP/RNC does in replacing the Maniac–if they do so with “Trump’s denier” Pence or some other RINO or if they get the cojones┬átogether, do what it takes to win and ask Senator Mike Lee to carry the torch.

Trump is finished. He may stay in the race to spite the GOP but he’ll have massive debt that the GOP won’t help him pay. That’s the one trump card the GOP has over him.

#NeverTrump Patriots can stand proud for not bending to the pro-Trump party that is now seeing the anger and is turning on the Maniac.

God bless all #NeverTrump Patriots! Keep the pressure up on the RNC powers-that-be–Ryan, Priebus and others because we have a country to save!


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  1. Heathermcsp says:

    Politicians are jimping off the Trimp train, but the posts I read by Trump voters, have been disappointing. They are still defending him. Silly comments, anywhere from the media has always been out to get him, to the fact Bill Clinton was worse.

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