#NeverTrump Patriots Must Put Cruz Aside And Move On With Their Focus On Stopping Trump On 11/8

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#NeverTrump Patriots Must Put Cruz Aside And Move On With Their Focus On Stopping Trump On 11/8

By Dave Levine

NOTHING–I repeat, NOTHING–is more important than keeping the Madman out of The White House! To accomplish this, Conservatives MUST stay focused on getting it done! We won’t accomplish it by wondering “why” Senator Cruz did what he did.

Today, Conservatives–#NeverTrump Conservatives–suffered a setback but it cleared the air and let us know “where” we stand. We’re alone now except for a few U.S. Senators, the most Conservative being Sen. Mike Lee who today continues to refuse to endorse the Maniac and it appears he will never do so. Senator Lee seems more Conservative than Senator Cruz today, certainly “more principled”! Sen. Cruz threw his principles out the window today for political expediency because he faces a tough reelection fight with the richest Congressmen, Rep. Mike McCaul. One has to wonder how Sen. Cruz can think that the GOP will back him over McCaul, a solid RINO, but that’s Cruz’s problem. Our problem is Trump!

As I stated earlier this afternoon when the news broke about Cruz, #NeverTrump Patriots–especially those in Battleground States–need to concentrate on defeating Trump in those states (FL, OH and VA, most importantly). FL and OH are crucial! FL has been a tie in the polls for some time now. Trump is slightly ahead of Hillary in OH.

It’s tough to stomach voting for Hillary but if Trump’s to be beaten, it has to be done in the Battleground States. Most Conservatives refuse to even consider the move. So let’s get to work and try to convince as many as possible to do just that.

Not voting at all or voting for McMullin or Johnson isn’t going to beat Trump!


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  1. Dave Levine says:

    #NeverTrump Patriots in Battleground States (FL, OH and VA) who decide to vote for Hillary to stop Trump may feel temporarily bad about it, but one touch of the pencil cannot compare to 4 years of the Tyrant Trump and what his winning will do to the Conservative movement.

  2. AFVet4America says:

    I remain NeverTrump NeverHillary But This is why I supported Sen Cruz, and still would. I know he fights for us every day .
    However disappointing this endorsement is it doesn’t erase his past record of fighting for us . I believe he will continue to fight for all the things we believe in , in our Conservative values. He fought against G.W.Bush for our sovereignty and won, I believe he would fight against tRump as well. Though tRump will never be POTUS IMO at this point he’s losing. Both candidates, are disasters and I’m very disappointed in the Cruz endorsement. But what’s done is done.

    • Dave Levine says:

      I don’t think Trump is losing. I want to be SURE he loses and the only way that happens is for Conservatives (#NeverTrump Patriots) in Battleground States (FL, OH and VA) to vote for Hillary. Trump currently leads Hillary in Ohio and will almost certainly get a bump from Cruz’s announcement.

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