NBC Poll: Majority Of Voters Say Hillary Clinton Won First Presidential Debate

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NBC Poll: Majority Of Voters Say Hillary Clinton Won First Presidential Debate

By Hanna Hartig, John Lapinski and Stephanie Psyllos at NBC News

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  1. pinecone says:

    Hi Dave. Just wanted to let you know that I read what you post each day. Since Monday morning I find myself in a position where I’ve not been before- speechless.

    • Dave Levine says:

      I’ve been so busy here, not getting enough time to post as I should with the new blog but I’m working at it. This site is really for you and other commentors. I miss the interaction we had at the other site!

      At the other site, you didn’t see reports and commentary from the left-wing sites like Politico. Here, you’ll get those.

      Financially speaking, I’ve spent more than I had planned to getting this site where I wanted it. The add-ons/plug-ins weren’t cheap. Hopefully, I can recoup some of it via advertizers buying banner space.

      • pinecone says:

        I miss the interactions many of us had at the other site also. Most of those that were “in the trenches” so to speak, since the campaign season started, have moved on or gone silent. Now if you say A, you are damned, or if you say B, you are damned as well. There is one group that feels betrayed by what Cruz has done, while there is another group that believes in you do what you gotta do to win reelection, no biggie. Whatever you say your opinion is, you are slapped down by one group or the other now.

        Speaking of linking to leftist websites, there was an interesting take that I agreed with. If it is a leftist website that is posting factual information, accompanied by audio, video, or direct quotes, it is good acceptable info. Yet, if someone didn’t like the message/info, the entire column was ignored or criticized because it came from a lefty website. That has happened throughout the campaign, when the lefties posted factual info on Trump, because those Trumpers didn’t want that less than positive info out there. Hasn’t it been Limbaugh’s goal since Trump got into the race for him to just jump to Trump’s defense against every single leftist media person. Not surprising as when I was still listening to Limbaugh, he spent time in every show defending himself against the media who said less than positive things about him, even from some that no one had ever heard of.

        As to your website, and the expense, I’ve seen new efforts take some time to build up a following. It is my opinion that it all depends on the content, and supplying info that many varied readers have an interest in. We desperately need more options which come from a conservative perspective. Obviously right now everyone wants to talk about Trump, Clinton, who is the lesser of two bad evils, all while those Republicans in Washington are still going along to get along with the liberals.

        Tomorrow we lose control of the internet, yet I haven’t heard McConnell or Ryan even mention it. I do give credit to Cruz for at least bringing it to the public’s attention. At least we will know what happened when a story appears on the internet, and you have to click on Spanish, Russian, Chinese or English to read the story. It is just proof positive that if Cruz is making the effort, whatever it is, McConnell and his supporters will insure that that effort fails. Even though Cruz crawled into bed with them, they will still insure his failure at every stop anyway. Now he doesn’t even have standing strong on his principles to act as a buffer.

        • Dave Levine says:

          Well, this one came thru!

          I couldn’t agree with you more, pinecone. Sorry to hear about the other site but it was time for me to move to other pastures (moooo!).

          Above all, thanks so much for caring! I really appreciate those kind words and words of encouragement! AF, too!

      • pinecone says:

        I just typed a reply to you Dave, but it just disappeared after I hit post.

    • Hi Pinecone, we’ve certainly had a disappointing turn of event’s with Cruz endorsement of tRump, it can make you want to be speechless.

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