My Turn: The SB 1070 Lesson That La Raza Forgot

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My Turn: The SB 1070 Lesson That La Raza Forgot

By Mark Spencer, former president of the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association and is currently the Southwest projects coordinator for Judicial Watch, in an As I See It opinion piece at

An excellent piece on what’s happened to Arizona since 1070 was passed in 2010.

One of the things Spencer missed mentioning was the fact that not all counties in AZ are enforcing 1070 to the letter of the law. There are many inconsistencies in that enforcement and that should be of concern to Immigration Patriots, yet there are few stories on this in the alternative media.

He also didn’t mention the fact that Arizona passed the toughest mandatory E-verify law in the nation in 2007 known as LAWA. We know that there is a federal law against employers checking the immigration status of their employees, and with at least 10 million illegals working for a paycheck, that law gives those 10 million illegals a kind of “Amnesty”. Mandatory E-verify only applies to “new hires” in the 6 states where it is law–AL, AZ, GA, MS, NC and SC. 5 other states require E-verify by public employers and all or most public contractors: IN, NE, MO, OK and VA.

My thanks to for posting this Opinion piece.