Mississippi Considers Firing Squad As Method For Executions

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Mississippi Considers Firing Squad As Method For Executions

The AP quotes The Death Penalty Information Center’s number for states with capital punishment–33. They are off by 6 states.

Here are the states with the death penalty (31). You have to remove 4 of them as these have Governor-imposed moratoriums, so THE TRUE NUMBER is 27.

I fully support firing squads for executions.

Much thanks to drudgereport.com for posting this story.

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  1. N0T2L8 says:

    I fully support the use of firing squads too Dave, although I think our country would be better served if we used them on politicians and judges.

    Thought I’d make a comment just to let you know I still visit here daily. I’ve pretty much given up commenting anywhere but wanted you to know I appreciate your work.

    • Dave Levine says:

      Hi NOT2L8! Thanks for the nice comments! Love having you.

      Maybe now that I’m not #NeverTrump, the blog will start picking up a little.

    • Hope to see the blog take off in the future, we welcome everyone.

      • Dave Levine says:

        We DO! Thanks, AF. I’m less concerned about that now with the commentaries I’m doing M-F. Seems that is a really good route for me to take. However, one of my producers forgot to post Thursday’s and Friday’s in soundcloud on the station’s site (my podcast page), but they should show up today. Of course, I’d always like to have more visitors here!

    • Dave Levine says:

      Hi NOT2L8,

      Have you seen AFvet lately? He disappeared. Is he okay? Haven’t seen him at TRS and he isn’t responding to my emails. Thanks.


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