Message To Trump And The GOP In Congress: Stop With The ‘Stimulus Giveaway’ Bills And Jailbreak!

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Message To Trump And The GOP In Congress: Stop With The ‘Stimulus Giveaway’ Bills And Jailbreak!

By Dave Levine

Massive federal money giveaways and Jailbreak for criminals won’t save Trump’s presidency and they will hurt the dollar and the nation for decades! Printing money we don’t have won’t help the nation. Jailbreak puts our communities in perile. Massive food deliveries, mask-making, ventilator-making and a complete shutdown of our Borders and flights into our country are critical!

Trump and the Republicans in Congress are acting like drunken sailors with the exception of Rep. Thomas Massie, God bless him. Throwing massive amounts of money at a problem when people are in lockdown and can’t work is really DUMB!

Also, letting murderers and child rapists out of prison and jail because the leftists running those states are afraid these criminals will die of COVID-19 has to stop and those “leaders” must be indicted for endangering us all and forced out of office. If COVID-19 doesn’t kill us, the released convicts will! Jailbreak has no place in our society!

Remember that old Boy Scout saying, “Be prepared!”? Well, our country WASN’T prepared and all the excuse-making by Trump, Pence and their supporters is falling, thankfully, on deaf ears as are MSM/leftist concerns over supposed “racist behavior” by angry Americans against the Chinese. Political correctness has no place in American society; maybe this horrible scourge will end it once and for all!

Something good always comes out of something bad, something horrific. But Americans must learn from our mistakes so we don’t repeat them…and we must tell our leaders–those we don’t remove from office–that we won’t tolerate failure again.