A Message To #NeverTrump Patriots In Battleground States Like FL, OH And VA

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A Message To #NeverTrump Patriots In Battleground States Like FL, OH And VA

By Dave Levine

I don’t like posting this and I’ll surely catch hell for it. However, as they say, “Desperate times call for desperate measures” and that time is fast-approaching.

#NeverTrump Patriots in “battleground states” like FL, OH and VA know what I’m about to ask. Trump cannot become President without winning those three states. As of two days ago, Trump is slightly ahead of Hillary in OH and Florida is tied. She’s up by 7 in Virginia. Picking the popular former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine as her running mate is looking like a stroke of genius today. But the momentum has definitely swung Trump’s way.

With the Election less than two months away and with Senator Cruz close to endorsing Trump, it will fall on the shoulders of true Conservative voters–Constitutional Conservatives–to stop Trump because so many fools have been jumping on the Trump Train since Hillary’s “seizure moment” leaving the 9/11 Memorial and because no one else can (stop him). As I said, “Desperate times…”

If you live in CA, NY or some other “safe” state for Hillary, you can “stay home” on the presidential voting. There simply aren’t enough registered Republicans and Independents in those states to stop Hillary.

Back in 2008 and 2012, my efforts to stop McCain and Romney respectively from becoming President succeeded. However, Obama was much more popular than Hillary then. Conservatives stayed home and were blamed for Obama’s wins.

This go ’round is different. “How?”, you might ask. The difference is Trump is a madman, a maniac, “certifiable”, a teen rapist, a fraudster, a con man, a swindler, a man with 3.500 lawsuits pending against him, an habitual liar,  a pro-Amnesty, pro-Putin liberal, a misogynist-on-steroids and a thug with mob ties. Giving this kind of individual the power of the presidency would be insane.

I made the decision in the summer of 2015 to be a #NeverTrump Patriot because I don’t want Trump’s fingers on the nuclear football. That is STILL the #1 reason I give for his necessary defeat in the upcoming Election.

But there is another reason, one that came to light at the Republican National Convention in mid-July: Trump’s threatening Conservative delegates who opposed him via his “brown shirts” including female thugs who threatened one female pro-Cruz delegate in the ladies room!

Americans can tolerate only so much “bullying” but threatening delegates as his surrogates and followers did in Colorado and other states in the primaries and then at the RNC bordered on “criminal”. News that Trump already has an “enemies list” of #NeverTrump Patriots he will go after if elected should worry ALL Conservatives!

The week of the Election will be key. If Trump is tied with Hillary or ahead of her in Florida and Ohio, #NeverTrump Patriots in those important states must put her over the finish line by voting for her!

Our freedom and the survival of our nation depend on it.