McCain On ‘Face The Nation’: Says ‘Putin Is A Thug And A Killer’

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McCain On ‘Face The Nation’: Says ‘Putin Is A Thug And A Killer’

It’s an interesting dilemma or conundrum:

Do we support a man Conservatives have fought for decades, a man who hates us and what we stand for because he’s right about Putin or do we flip him off and hope he leaves the public scene for good? Aren’t we about as sick of John McCain as we are of Donald Trump?

Kendal Unruh posted the following on Facebook along with the story from CBS News:

“Trump and his defenders are busy at work utilizing Sal Alinsky tactics against McCain. I have never been a fan. But because we dislike someone personally isn’t a reason to not believe them. They are universally going personal on him and the legitimacy of the media source. But it is ludicrous to attack the media source as unreliable when it’s directly from his own mouth. Rather than provide any proof he’s wrong, they attack, name call, threaten and insult rather than substantiate. Welcome to the Trump new world order. I am extremely disappointed in Lance Wallneau’s FB site, a Christ-centered FB site employing the same tactics.

John McCain on Face the Nation this morning: “Vladimir Putin is a thug and murderer and a killer, and a KGB agent. He had Boris Nemtsov murdered in the shadow of the Kremlin. He has dismembered the Ukraine. He has now [made] precision strikes by Russian aircraft on hospitals in Aleppo. Let’s call Vladimir Putin for what he is. Does that mean you don’t deal with him or talk to him? Of course you talk to him. But you do it the same way that Ronald Reagan did, and that’s from a position of strength.”

I don’t think it’s a matter of our (IE Conservatives) disliking McCain personally as it is what he stands for (Amnesty for 50 to 60 million lawbreakers), what his policies are (allowing our sovereign nation to be INVADED by Mexico). Whether he’s a war hero or a traitor for what he did to fellow soldiers/airmen in North Vietnam can be debated. What CANNOT be debated is what he did once he got into Congress.

McCain is probably right about Putin. I really haven’t given the Russian leader much thought. Maybe I should given the apparent Russian involvement in our national election just past.

Should we Conservatives throw our support behind McCain (who refused to endorse Trump) because Trump’s henchmen are attacking him? We can debate that question.

Will Dave Levine defend John McCain? No. Never. Or as they say in Spanish say, “Nunca, nada, nadie!”