‘Mass Murderer Of Cats’ Arrested In Oregon, Will Be Extradited To Washington State

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‘Mass Murderer Of Cats’ Arrested In Oregon, Will Be Extradited To Washington State

The above is my version of title by Diana Hefley at heraldnet.com.

A little background, folks. Oregon is ranked as the #2 toughest state on animal cruelty criminals. Washington State is ranked #13. Illinois, a liberal state if there ever was one, is ranked #1–the toughest. New York is ranked #40, one of the weakest. California is ranked #4.

The bottom line? At most, animal cruelty laws are misdemeanors and plea bargaining allows those convicted get off with probation. They are rarely checked if disallowed to own pets thereafter, so they go back to hoarding and abusing. Animal cruelty criminals have a 100% recidivism rate! Animal cruelty should and must be made a felony!

Kathryn St. Clare is a case in point. She’s a “merchant of death”, a mass murderer of cats, a serial cat killer.

The same Oregon liberal-idiot judge who’s now throwing the book at her gave her a slap on the wrist last year. Even the liberal psychologist they checked her mental state with said hoarders have a nearly 100% recidivism rate. In other words, THEY CAN’T BE CURED! She’s murdered cats before, starving and punishing them in Washington State and if she isn’t put away, more innocent, loving cats will be tortured and killed. Is that what the people of Oregon and Washington want?

Last year, she murdered 111 cats in Oregon, starving them to death or near death in a trailer. This year, they had complaints from other residents and authorities found 42 cats, one of them dead, all suffering from malnutrition and dehydration and that doesn’t include the cats she murdered in Washington! Who knows how many of the 41 live cats will have to be euthanized?

St. Claire is a homeless person and that’s another reason she wasn’t previously arrested and indicted. Liberal states love their homeless, their sickos and criminals and won’t punish them.

Severe penalties for pet killers? Absolutely. Animal cruelty–cases like this one–should be felonies and entail long sentences (20 years). Fines don’t seem to affect these criminals as many of them are indigent.

As long as mass murderers and torturers of pets are allowed to live freely in our society, cats and dogs will be in danger. This has to stop!

My thanks to drudgereport.com for posting this story.