Mark Levin, Trumpster

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Mark Levin, Trumpster


With the 2016 Election approaching and with so many formerly-#Never-Trump Republicans jumping on the Trump train, I think it’s time to denounce them, one by one and never forget that they stabbed that movement in the back.

To call them “hypocrites” is being too nice. To say, “Well, they just fear/hate Hillary more than they do Trump” doesn’t cut it. There’s no “punishment” in letting these liars–some of whom for well over a year have talked, written and acted as though they were #NeverTrump Patriots–off the hook. The worst is Mark Levin who for over a year has been leading his listeners to believe that he’s anti-Trump and even #NeverTrump. Levin and the other major Republican syndicated talk show hosts are sell-outs–sell-outs to their Conservative listeners and to the Conservative movement!

The one major exception to this is Christian Conservative Republican talk show host Steve Deace on Salem Broadcasting Network. Deace continues to be a leader of the #NeverTrump movement and we take our hats off to him! The other major exception is talk show host Dana Loesch who has resisted backing Trump.

Talk show host Mark Levin, however, is the epitome of a Republican hypocrite. Many Conservative admirers call him “The Great One” but in my opinion, there is nothing “great” about Mark Levin! He’s just another Republican (and I emphasize Republican) syndicated talk show host who is a “party-over-policy”/Chamber suck-up. He slams Trump, then says he’s voting for him as if there aren’t other plausible options. He could vote for an Independent candidate, write in Cruz (if his state allows it in the General Election) or stay home and play tiddlywinks. Instead, he’s backing the Chamber’s guy, a sociopath that for a year he’s been slamming! This gives Levin zero credibility.

Levin calls himself “a Constitutional Conservative” but is backing one of THE most vile, anti-constitutional would-be despots this country has ever seen, a tyrant who hires thugs to threaten delegates and a man who has defrauded thousands of innocent investors and has over 3,500 lawsuits pending against him, a man who very likely raped a 13-year-old girl back in 1994. Constitutional Conservatives don’t back sociopaths! Levin is backing a habitual liar, a con man, a misogynist-on-steroids and (some would say) a thug. Anyone who tells his followers to “punch that bastard out” and then refuses to accept responsibility for that criminal assault when it happens at or outside his rallies IS A THUG! One of Trump’s male thugs cold-cocked a 69-year-old North Carolina woman on oxygen at a Trump rally a day ago as reported by WLOS at…

She’s lucky to have survived the attack. These kinds of criminal assaults against anti-Trump folks by Trump thugs have been happening at and outside Trump’s rallies all too frequently. In backing Trump, Mark Levin is in essence approvingthis thuggery. You can’t separate the thuggery from the man who is perpetuating it and if you support that man, then you are condoning that behavior!

The reason I emphasize Mark Levin being “a Republican” is the simple fact that it’s the syndicated, wealthy Republican radio talk show hosts like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, Rusty Humphries (and many others) who are trying to elect a liberal madman as President. It’s not Independent Conservative talk show hosts like myself.

“The little people”–the vast majority of Republican and Independent Conservative voters–don’t have the power of the MSM/syndicated radio behind them as these syndicated hosts have. We post on blogsites and Facebook and some of us have our own fledgling talk shows at small stations out in the boonies. We don’t refer to ourselves as “The Great One”! We are Conservatives first unlike Mark Levin and the above syndicated talk show hosts and unlike Levin and these hosts, we leave our egos at the door.

Some have posited that “money and ratings” and the fear of losing them–more than their fear of losing Conservative listeners–has caused Levin and the other syndicated Republican hosts to jump on the Trump train and that may very well be true. If so, then they are shamless hypocrites and what they say on their shows is truly meaningless. I hope they lose a good portion of their listenership and are “tar and feathered” by their former fans in posts like this one! They certainly deserve to be so treated!

For being one of THE WORST of these Trumpster hypocrites who dares to call himself “a Constitutional Conservative”, I denounce Mark Levin!

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  1. N0T2L8 says:

    I had a lot of respect for Levin and as far as I’m concerned he can vote for anyone he feels is right. Where he lost my respect was announcing on air that he was officially nevertrump and then flip flopping and announcing on air that he was voting for cheeto jesus… all he managed to do was lose listeners and give trumpsters ammo to throw at us… he should’ve kept his mouth shut on his vote. In my book he told the world that he is party over principle.

  2. pinecone says:

    Steve Deace has a great new article at CR today talking about those that have bought into the “binary choice” argument. Levin has proclaimed one of the two between Trump and
    Clinton are going to win the presidency, and certainly you can’t vote for Hillary. He is an exact example of just who Deace was referring to. I wonder if it was intentional.

    I haven’t listened to his show for several weeks now, knowing he was going to eventually feel compelled to tell his listening audience that he is voting for Trump, as though it was something he thought his listeners just had to know. He did more damage to his Constitutional Conservative reputation than he will ever know in the short term.

  3. Heathermcsp says:

    I really was shocked when Mark said he was voting for Trump after as you point out, the last year he was so anti-Trump. Everyone has to be able to live with their decision and mine is #NeverTrump#NeverClinton.

  4. Beverly Daniel says:

    I also denounce Mark Levin. A True Constitutional Conservative would NOT waste his sacred vote for a Liberal like Trump.

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