Law And Order: Riots Are Not ‘Protests’

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Law And Order: Riots Are Not ‘Protests’

By Dave Levine

The only way to deal with rioters is to shut them down. If that means getting rough, so be it! If the police retreat as they did in Minneapolis and let the mob take control, that mob will trash the city just like the radical leftist mobs did in Seattle a few years ago.

The only way to deal with looters is to shoot them. Cold steel. Store owners have a right to protect and defend their stores. Rampant looting continues because law enforcement is pulling back. They’re following the orders of the lefty Mayors. There’s no deterrent for crazed radical rioters! They want to “bring it all down, man!”

So when you see news stories that call these anarchists “protesters”, remember that they are RIOTERS AND LOOTERS! One of them murdered a federal officer in Oakland last night in a drive-by.