Kris Kobach: GOP Is ‘Only Party Left’ That Wants To Stop Caravan

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Kris Kobach: GOP Is ‘Only Party Left’ That Wants To Stop Caravan

By John Binder at Breitbart

In the Comments below this report, I posted the following:

Two things.

First, Kobach certainly knows–being the leader of the Immigration Patriot movement–that there are upwards of 39 million illegals in the U.S. (from the BB story on the 39 million stolen or fraudulent IDs found recently). Second, Kobach knows that his party IS the party of Amnesty, the party that signed it (Reagan) in 1986 and the party that pushed it (2000-2008 under G.W. Bush with McCain and other RINOs trying to ram is thru the Senate). The Dems had Congress for two years under Obama and didn’t attempt to pass Amnesty. They’re certainly for it now but the GOP is “the party for Amnesty”. Two Republican-authored Amnesty bills came up for a vote in the House in May–Ryan’s Amnesty and The Gang of Four Amnesty (McCaul-McSally-Labrador-Goodlatte). Moreover, 25 House RINOs (initially) signed the Discharge Petition for a backdoor Amnesty before Ryan put a stop to it (as he wanted to push his own Amnesty bill).

To say that the GOP is “the party against Amnesty” would be a lie. To say that it’s “the party against the Caravan” probably isn’t a truthful statement, either. There are 49 RINOs in the Senate and 200 or more in the House. Are they ALL speaking out against the caravan? Crickets. They answer to the Chamber and they have to be careful what they say. Many RINOs in Congress are sympathetic to illegals,