Kobach Tells Us Why Trump Must Rescind DACA

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Kobach Tells Us Why Trump Must Rescind DACA

By Dave Levine

It appears that Trump is going to try to appease his Conservative base–the ones who got him elected–by “throwing them a bone” by rescinding DACA while Ryan tries to push the Allard-Roybal/Ros-Lehtinen DACA Amnesty bill through the House. Trump will sign the bill and the DACA Amnesty will be “legal”. The House RINOs are using sympathy for many for the victims of Harvey to ram DACA thru, legalizing 1.25 million illegals and their lawbreaking illegal alien parents.

The net gain for Conservatives and the nation? Zero. The Democrats will have gained at least 1 million new voters.

Here’s what Kris Kobach says about Obama’s DACA:

“The DACA amnesty that President Obama initiated orders (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) agents to break the law, it also violates two other federal laws, and the constitutional separation of powers,” Kris Kobach, the secretary of state of Kansas and Trump adviser, told MSNBC on Friday.

Getting DACA thru the House will show Conservatives “who” they can trust in government, and it isn’t the RINOs! Unfortunately, the House DACA Amnesty is just a precursor to the General Amnesty that’s coming. It will send a green light to would-be illegals around the world.

Every Republican who supports DACA should be voted out of office in 2018. The outrage isn’t being heard. The RINOs will win yet again and we, the People, will lose.