Kobach Met Sunday With Trump: Will He Be DHS Chief?

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Kobach Met Sunday With Trump: Will He Be DHS Chief?

By Dave Levine

I’ve been a longtime fan of attorney and 1070 author Kris Kobach until he jumped on the Trump train last fall at the same time Senator Sessions endorsed Trump. He’s a brilliant lawyer and has been the modest leader of the anti-Invasion movement for years.

Since before Trump announced he was running–in fact, going back to his March 30, 2011 interview ¬†with Bill O’Reilly (on youtube) and including his pre-announcement April 14, 2015 interview with Bret Baier (also on youtube), I have opposed Trump for ONE reason–Amnesty. In those interviews and including his 2012 attacks on Mitt Romney for being “too tough” on illegal aliens, Trump has been the epitome of a liberal Democrat on illegal immigration: He’s been pushing the “touchback” Amnesty created by Rep. Mike Pence in 2006, a scheme that was laughed out of Congress.

Sandwiched in between his Amnesty scheme has been vitriol that is anything but pro-Amnesty–his calling illegal alien Mexicans “rapists and murderers” (which a small percentage of them in fact are) and trying to portray himself as “a law and order” candidate who wants to enforce the nation’s immigration laws that Obama has refused to enforce and that it was pretty obvious President Hillary would not have enforced.

When Senator Sessions and Kris Kobach jumped on the Trump train last October, it didn’t make sense given Trump’s continued push for legalizing most illegals. These leaders of the anti-Invasion movement (some call it mistakenly “the alt-right movement”)¬†WOULD NEVER get behind a pro-Amnesty candidate! Something wasn’t right and still isn’t right!

Now as President-elect, Trump has made Sessions his AG and looks to be making Kobach his DHS Chief, two moves that must be making anti-Invasion folks deliriously happy. So, why am I–a longtime anti-Invasion activist and blogger–not jumping for joy as well?

The reason is obvious: Trump’s hinting just a week ago about Amnesty for most illegal aliens. As President, he could EASILY get an Amnesty bill thru the House with pro-Amnesty Paul Ryan leading as Speaker. The Senate’s S.744 Amnesty Bill is still on the books and McConnell wants Amnesty, too. Maybe in 2017 they’ll change the number and name of the Senate bill but it will still be Amnesty. And it will get to Trump’s desk and he will sign it!

Just a week ago, he again called the majority of illegal aliens “terrific people” after saying he’d deport the 2 to 3 million gangbanging illegals in a report by Jacqueline Klimas at Washington Examiner. How can ANY anti-Invasion activist support a man who considers most of the 50 to 70 million illegal aliens to be “terrific people”? Does THAT sound like a law-and-order President to you?

This is THE main reason many on the right cannot get behind Trump. Policy, policy, policy. He’s for continuing the murder of millions of babies via Planned Parenthood. Does THAT sound like someone Conservatives should be getting behind?

There are other reasons I oppose hm that won’t go away simply because he is now the President-elect:

-His lying,

-His treatment of women,

-Trump University scam that cost the life savings of thousands of Americans,

-His threatening delegates thru hired thugs in the primaries and at the Convention,

-His narcissistic/sociopathic personality

to name just a few.

Paying off alleged child rape victim Katie Johnson to get her to drop her $100 million lawsuit doesn’t change the above.

Do I support making Sessions AG and Kobach DHS Chief? Absolutely. Do these moves mean there won’t be Amnesty for most of the 50 to 70 million illegals? No! Trump is not ruling that out. As a matter of fact, an Amnesty move in Congress may occur this winter.

Conservatives need to carefully watch what is happening in Congress. If an Amnesty bill is being formulated, there will be a leak about it and we’ll know about it. Sessions and Kobach cannot oppose Trump’s plan. They can quit or be fired or keep their mouths shut but they have no power over what Trump does.

I will remain vigilant in this regard for Trump cannot be trusted with the issue of Amnesty. Amnesty if passed and signed into law will change the nation forever. Law and order will cease to be important in our society. Rewarding lawbreakers will weaken what’s left of our moral fiber.

Our only hope is to stop the Invasion and remove as many illegals from our country as possible in the next four years.