Knealing And Stealing Are Unamerican

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Knealing And Stealing Are Unamerican

By Dave Levine

A report this morning from Washington Post writers Marissa Payne, Des Bieler, Matt Bonesteel and Cindy Boren finds three black UCLA freshman basketball team players in detention for shoplifting sunglasses in Shanghai where the team is playing Georgia Tech.

The bottom line? No one is above the law.

Back in the U.S., mostly black NFL players continue to kneel during the National Anthem to protest the treatment of blacks by police in America. The result? Thousands of empty seats at the games and a dramatic drop in viewership on tv. And sponsors are pulling out of the games costing these athletes and teams money.

The bottom line? Protesting the Anthem has consequences. A lot of folks consider it to be “unamerican”.

I remember as a teen when U.S. Olympic runners Tommie Smith and John Carlos–two black athletes–held their fists up to protest America after winning medals during the awards event in the 1968 Olympics. That turned me off as it did millions of other Americans.

Now we have our coveted American athletes stealing from a store in a foreign nation and getting caught red-handed.

How are these connected? Simple: black athletes–who are seen as “role models” for American children–showing disrespect for their country and that isn’t good. Regarding NFL players, there’s a blowback by fans against rich, spoiled athletes “sticking it” to those who are paying them–the mostly white fans.

Liberals support these protests of course as they agree with the whole “oppression” thing these athletes trot out. Are these UCLA freshmen basketball players “oppressed”? Highly unlikely. They’re stars.

Do I lose sleep over this issue? Absolutely not. But it is an issue that needs to be discussed.