Kenneth Starr: Mr. President, Please Cut It Out

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Kenneth Starr: Mr. President, Please Cut It Out

By Kenneth Starr in an Opinion piece at The Washington Post

An excellent piece by Starr!

However, I’m afraid it fell on deaf ears and a massive Trump ego.

Starr wants Trump to succeed. However, Trump fails is SO many ways, it’s difficult to imagine him succeeding. His biggest failure is in his personality and that’s never going to change. People are disgusted by him. It’s clear that he’s his own worst enemy.

I don’t know how AG Sessions has held on as long as he has. Trump is clearly trying to get Sessions to resign. In doing so, Trump will lose a lot of his Conservative base that loves and admires Sessions.

There was a time when I wanted Trump to succeed like Starr says he does. That time for me passed the other day when Trump gave an unacceptable speech to the Boy Scouts after a ranting morning tweet against Sessions. “Unhinged” is the understated word of the week.

Starr’s title is far too “wussie” for me. I would have titled it, “Mr. President, Please Tender Your Resignation Or Face Impeachment!”

Enough is enough.

My thanks to for posting this piece.