Kendal Unruh’s Morning Commentary On 9/29/16

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Kendal Unruh’s Morning Commentary On 9/29/16

By Kendal Unruh

Last night a Trump voter told me he and his wife, after the debate, were no longer voting for him. He said now he understands what I’ve been talking about.

I told him Trump’s prideful lack of debate prep and bombastic tactics covering for lack of policy knowledge are not the reasons i can’t vote for Trump. It’s because there’s no real difference in character between the two. They lie as easily as they breathe: habitually, transparently, shamelessly. As mutual liars, they are both serving the father of lies.

As columnist David French cited early on, Hillary lies like a lawyer, always parsing her words to provide a legal escape route. Trump lies like a thug, contradicting himself with each successive breath and daring anyone to call him on it. They both seek to destroy their opponents, and they both wield the levers of power to do so and to reward their friends. So, they’re both fundamentally corrupt, and that is my fundamental issue.

Very few voters, even the evangelical leaders, care about character anymore in their leaders. I do. We can never get righteousness from unrighteousness, even if it has an “R” next to their names. All the wishing and hoping and gaslighting in the world won’t make it true.

Vote for Trump if your conscience dictates it but stop repeating his LIES and stop lying about who he really is. Then he has succeeded in co-opting you into his servitude to the father of lies.

#voteyourconscience #takeownershipofyourcandidate

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  1. AFVet4America says:

    America was blinded by the shiny object. People actually believe tRump will make them wealthy. No kidding! Whereas I believe some of his policies will throw us into another great depression. His talk of a 35% tariff on imported foods and goods, as always the consumer is the one that ultimately gets to pay for that.

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