John Cox Can Save California From The Silver-Spoon-In-The-Mouth Leftist Newsom

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John Cox Can Save California From The Silver-Spoon-In-The-Mouth Leftist Newsom

By Dave Levine

Gavin “Nuisance” Newsom will likely be the once law-and-order state’s next Governor unless businessman John Cox can pull off a huge upset.

Any candidate who preaches preserving the illegal and unconstitutional Sanctuary State policies and pushing a boondoggle the state can’t afford like the Bullet Train to Nowhere that no one will ride should be roundly defeated.

Not only is Newsom pleased with California having been invaded by close to 20 million mostly Mexican illegals, he wants to protect these criminals from being deported which is a federal felony (aiding and abetting). Of course, the same is true of Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf and other left-wing pols here in CA. Newsom is simply a silver-spooned version.

It’s idiots like Newsom who are trying to destroy California by bankrupting it and stealing from the wealthy who live here to try to pay for their insane plans. Spending over $4 billion the state doesn’t have on bilingual ed, something that clearly doesn’t work on illegal alien children, is just one aspect of this. The Bullet Train to Nowhere is another. To pay for these and other monstrosities, Newsom would continue to do what Gov. Brown has done–raising car registration fees (a tax) and other underhanded efforts.

The only thing that can save California from complete disaster are some severe-but-necessary actions by a law-and-order Governor. I’m not sure John Cox is that man but he’s talking like he’s that man! But talk is cheap and the state is in free-fall.

Here’s a list of the things a Governor Cox would have to do to salvage what’s left of California. It would help if either the SCOTUS would rule SB 54 unconstitutional or the passing of the Rescind SB 54 initiative in 2020. Once SB 54 and the other Sanctuary Laws have been done away with, law and order can return to this once great state:

-Order state police to work with ICE agents in opposition of the illegal and unconstitutional SB 54 and other Sanctuary State laws;

-Order ALL illegal aliens to “leave the state!” in a series of speeches across the state and push for a mandatory E-verify law from Congress. Unfortunately, there’s no way the left-dominated legislature will pass a 1070 or mandatory E-verify bill;

-Stop all money spent on the Bullet Train to Nowhere. This is Jerry Brown’s legacy–that and SB 54 which he foolishly signed;

-Order the roll-back of the excessive vehicle license renewal fees;

-Reinstitute Sobreity Checkpoints by police and deputies and the Impounding Vehicle program employed so successfully by the LAPD for years before the pro-lawbreaker “leaders” stopped it to protect drunk-driving illegals.

-Work to roll back the Driver’s Licenses-for-Illegals law.

-Push for the restarting of Death Row inmate executions that the ACLU and other groups have been able to stop due to their objections to lethal injection.

Candidate Cox can save California from the left but he needs to step up and speak out on law-and-order issues to get Conservative voters (who were backing candidate Travis Allen) to get behind him.

The future of this state depends on John Cox.