Jailbreak, Refugee Resettlement And ‘Zoning-Break’ Must Be Added To Vetting List For Republican Candidates

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Jailbreak, Refugee Resettlement And ‘Zoning-Break’ Must Be Added To Vetting List For Republican Candidates

By Dave Levine

Every Republican running for office should be carefully vetted for his/her stance on law and order issues, particularly the Invasion from Mexico, Amnesty, jailbreak (IE The First Step Act, etc.) as well as refugee resettlement and zoning-break (the left’s attempt to get rid of single-family housing zoning laws in the suburbs). If a Republican candidate won’t comment or state a position against these, he/she must not be elected! That’s how you keep the RINOs out of office!

On Amnesty, voters must be made to realize that the actual number of illegal aliens in the U.S. is over 50 million. Legalizing them (with Amnesty) will reward lawbreaking and keep Democrats in power in perpetuity. Amnesty will be a green light for millions more illegals.

Notice that “jailbreak”, refugee resettlement and “zoning-break” have now been added to the vetting list. There’s a good reason for this. All but 2 House Republicans voted for The First Step Act/National Jailbreak in its initial vote in May of 2018 while 39 House Republicans voted against it in the bill’s final vote (after the Senate altered it) once they read it and heard from their constituents. In spite of those Conservatives voting against it, most House Republicans voted for the jailbreak bill. The First Step Act–signed gleefully by Trump on December 20, 2018–released 4,000 dangerous drug trafficker-felons from federal prison into our communities. Had Trump run on releasing drug felons, he’d have lost the 2016 Election.

Traditionally, the death penalty, abortion and amnesty have been the “third rail issues” for Conservative voters to vet Republican candidates. Now, with jailbreak being backed by most Republicans in Congress, it must be added to that list.

Refugee resettlement is a red-hot topic in Tennessee and is likely to be in other states. After seeing what the Somali resettlement has done to Minneapolis, the Hmong in Fresno and Wisconsin and Middle Eastern Muslims in Detroit and Dearborn, Conservative voters cry, “Not in MY neighborhood!” and with good reason. Who wants to see their neighborhood become a dangerous slum? Who wants to see their property values plummet? It isn’t “segregation”–it’s common sense!

Zoning-Break is a new issue that should be required for Republican candidates to state their positions on. The left’s efforts in turning middle-class neighborhoods into Section 8 public housing slums is an issue that Conservative voters have only just begun to hear about and they’d better wake up! Minneapolis, one of the most liberal cities in the nation, is the first U.S. city to remove zoning laws. Other cities–including those in Texas–are considering this. Voters have seen what Section 8 housing (multi-family unit housing paid by you and me) has done to New York City, Detroit and Philadelphia.

Liberal Republicans (RINOs) cannot be trusted! Please add “jailbreak”, “zoning-break” and refugee resettlement to your vetting list for Republican candidates!