It’s Time To Focus On The Chip Roy vs Lindsey Graham Debate

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It’s Time To Focus On The Chip Roy vs Lindsey Graham Debate

The above is my version of title by Daniel Horowitz at Conservative Review.

Horowitz seems to be blaming the Swamp and Trump’s advisers rather than Trump himself for Trump’s backing HR 5038. Horowitz seems oblivious to “The buck stops here!”–the fact that the responsibility (ultimately) lies with Trump and the fact that Trump has already signed many Democrat bills. He forgets that Trump was ready to sign The Gang of Four Amnesty bill in June 2018 had it passed (We can thank Pelosi and the House Democrats for it failing). Horowitz seems not ready to admit that Trump himself has been pro-Amnesty for many years, since at least March 30, 2011 when he appeared on O’Reilly and in the April 14, 2015 interview with Brett Baier without actually using the word “Amnesty” in either interview. What he was describing–legalizing illegals–is Amnesty!

While I respect Horowitz, I believe that other Conservatives are livid over being betrayed by Trump. Signing a massive Amnesty like HR 5038 will, I believe, make it difficult for many of them to vote for him on November 3rd. Trump is gambling that he won’t lose many Conservative votes by signing this bill.

We’ll know late night on November 3rd whether that gamble worked.