It’s Time To Boot 25-28 Pro-Amnesty House RINOs

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It’s Time To Boot 25-28 Pro-Amnesty House RINOs

By Dave Levine

On July 16, 2016, I posted the following on the old blog site at

The list of RINO and Conservative House members who have endorsed Trump has since expanded. Even the most Conservative members of the House–Walter B. Jones and Daniel Webster–have endorsed Trump. Only a few have not (Justin Amash) and only a few have unendorsed Trump (Jason Chaffetz). Chaffetz isn’t “a hero” for unendorsing Trump–he’s still a pro-Amnesty RINO having run for office in 2010 on an anti-Amnesty platform. Mark Meadows was the bastard who replaced Ryan as a speaker at the Convention in July (Ryan, if you recall, was cowering backstage surrounded by security) and came out railing against Cruzites and #NeverTrump Patriots in that speech. Meadows has to go.

There are simply too many House RINOs and pathetic Conservatives who have jumped on the Trump train for the Party to list here. However, the following may help.

Here’s the Wiki list of House Republicans who have endorsed Trump at,_2016

Here, then, are my suggested 25 to 28 House Republicans who can and should be voted out on Election Day by Conservative voters in their districts voting for the Democrat challenger. All Republican Congressmen are up for reelection. Let’s toss 25 to 28 of them! You don’t have to change parties! Just vote for the Democrat challenger to boot these despicable RINOs!

I strongly suggest booting the following 25 RINOs and pro-Trump Conservatives:

Ryan, Scalise, McCarthy, McMorris-Rogers, Barletta, Hunter, Peter King, Gowdy, Issa, Chris Collins, Goodlatte, Desjarlais, Ellmers, Schweikert, Meadows, McCaul, McClintock, Rohrabacher, Denham, Bridenstine, Jordan, Blackburn, Young, Young and Young.

Some will say, “But if we boot McClintock, Rohrabacher and Barletta, we won’t have their voices!” True, but there are other Conservatives who would love to get elected to Congress in their place who would NEVER have endorsed Trump. In the meantime, let a liberal replace each of them. These three have made some really bad votes in recent years (either to renew the unconstitutional Patriot Act and/or the equally unconstitutional NDAA and/or to raise the debt ceiling). All three endorsed Trump.

True, a case could be made for booting other pro-Trump Conservatives like Dave Brat and Steve King, but both Brat and King were strong supporters of Cruz until Cruz suddenly dropped out on May 3rd. Perhaps they were threatened by the RNC that if they didn’t endorse Trump, the Party wouldn’t help them get reelected, I don’t know.

There are many other RINOs who need to be removed. The above list is just a start.

NOTE: I’m not advocating booting Walter B. Jones and Daniel Webster for endorsing Trump. Their voting records are excellent AND they tried to keep Ryan from becoming Speaker.

Enough is enough!