It’s Come Down To FL, GA, IA, ME, NC, NE, NH, NV And OH

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It’s Come Down To FL, GA, IA, ME, NC, NE, NH, NV And OH

By Dave Levine

UPDATE: I’m adding GA to this list as the NBC/WSJ/Marist Poll today reports that Trump is only up by only 1 point in The Peach State. I imagine this will send Hillary & Co there as Florida is right next door.

Hillary was cruising along until Comey’s “October Surprise” hit her last Friday. Since then, her poll numbers are tanking though slowly.

Is there time for her to pull out a win? Maybe.

In order to do so, she’ll have to win ONE of the following and this assumes she holds onto PA and VA but loses AK (where she was close last week):

FL, IA, ME, NC, NE, NH, NV or OH

NH is now leaning Trump. At present, without the above, I give her just 265, so NH’s 4 if she wins it would leave her with 269–one short of being elected. If she loses NH, she’ll still have 265.

It may come down to Maine’s possibly divided 4 electors and Nebraska’s divided 5 electors.

Again, she has to win one of the above states but she may have to win TWO of them if one of them is ME or NH.

The bottom line? She needs 5 electoral votes to win and that assumes she wins PA, MI and VA.

The key, as always, is FL. It’s still too close to call there, a dead heat. She could get 1 from NE’s 2nd congressional district as Obama did in 2008.