Is This The End Of The GOP–With Republican Leaders Hiding In Bunkers And Under Their Desks Instead Of Demanding That Trump Invoke The Insurrection Act?

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Is This The End Of The GOP–With Republican Leaders Hiding In Bunkers And Under Their Desks Instead Of Demanding That Trump Invoke The Insurrection Act?

By Dave Levine

When I heard Defense Secretary Esper say, “Americans [National Guard] aren’t going to fire on Americans [rioters and looters]!”, I knew that the nation was lost. Without the threat of cold steel, of military force, leftist anarchists will be even more emboldened to riot, loot and destroy. What they want of course is to bring Trump down and they’ve succeeded in that Trump will be lucky to win more than a couple of Southern states on November 3rd.

Some will say, “Trump had too many liberals in his administration and they turned on him after the George Floyd killing.” There is truth to that. It is also true that there are only 1 or 2 Conservatives in the Senate and a handful and a half in the House–not enough to bring law and order back to America. But the real lack of leadership was from Trump himself. His reputation as being a habitual liar caught up with him. When he lost support of pundit Ann Coulter, I knew he was finished politically.

The “awful truth” is the fact that the Republican in The White House and Republicans in Congress wimped out, showed what they’re made of. They didn’t do the right thing. They let the country down by not leading and by that, I mean by not getting behind a show of force in America’s cities. Instead, they cowered in fear like the cowards they are. I think back to Trump bragging about signing National Jailbreak at the signing ceremony on December 20, 2018 with invited guests–drug trafficker-inmates, all of them black, surrounding his desk, in suits instead of prison garb. It was Trump’s first real “middle finger” to his Conservative base but now, it all makes sense. He was pandering for black votes. Yet, blacks will NEVER vote Republican and certainly not NOW! Conservatives back the police and blacks do not. But don’t tell that to Trump’s newest RINO adviser, the much-hated Karl Rove! When Conservative Americans saw how Trump acted when the riots hit, that was the final straw. How can you support a man who hides in a bunker when the nation is facing mass rioting, looting and anarchy? When longtime Trumpster-pundit Ann Coulter turned on him, I knew it was “curtains” for Trump.

With Trump out and little chance of winning back the House until 2024 (when a DeSantis run is likely), what’s the fate of the GOP? In his podcast posted today at Conservative Review, Daniel Horowitz titled it “Watch Carefully As The GOP Validates The Riots”. As they do this, the GOP sews its own fate. There are just two Conservatives in office who I see as potential “leaders” on the national scene–Texas AG Ken Paxton and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Both strongly condemn the riots and favor sending in troops to stop the rioting and looting. But what about the Senate? Will McConnell and his fellow RINOs hold onto it? They’re hiding under their desks! Rioting is “cool” and looting is okay–if you’re black and/or poor! Those are the messages being sent to Americans today.

There is a potential Conservative leader in the Senate–Josh Hawley (R-MO). However, Ron DeSantis appears to be the Conservative who can take on Pence and beat Pence for the 2024 nomination. But that’s four long years from now.

There has to be SOME effort by the GOP to retake the House but with Trump going down in flames, it won’t likely happen until 2022. In the meantime, keeping the Senate in Republican hands and electing as many true Conservatives to the House is of paramount importance.

The next two years, however, look really, really grim for law-and-order folks. It will be a miracle if Amnesty doesn’t pass.