In Text Messages, Biden Voters Already Regret Their Vote

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In Text Messages, Biden Voters Already Regret Their Vote

By ProTrumpNewsStaff at The Gateway Pundit

Besides these texts, look at what Charlie Cook added:

In less than 72 hours, Joe Biden:

—Killed 70,000+ jobs
—Eliminated women’s sports
—Invaded Syria
—Left the National Guard to freeze in a garage
—Admitted he doesn’t have a plan to fight COVID
—Broke his own mask mandate EO
—Ended US energy independence

Do you miss Trump yet?

More from Charlie Kirk:

Joe Biden promised to govern as a moderate. On Day One, he signed the following EO’s:

—Letting biological men take over women’s sports & locker rooms
—Calling for amnesty for millions of illegals
—Ending deportations
—Killing thousands of good paying jobs

Is anyone surprised?

Two important issues as a result of the Amnesty listed above:

—Thousands of new Angel Families will be created by allowing illegal aliens not already driving on U.S. roads to drive along with millions of new illegals coming across our Border. This means at least 2,000 new American and alien deaths by illegals per year and thus at least 2,000 new Angel Families per year.

—Millions of American jobs will be lost to the illegals already here and to the millions of new illegals who will be streaming across the Southern Border. That job loss will severely affect black and Latino Americans–the Democrat base.