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By Dave Levine

The time has come to IMPEACH JOE BIDEN, The Illegitimate One! There has NEVER been a more anti-America, anti-American president than Biden. Obama came close; he’s the second worst president ever.

With his poll numbers in the toilet and his inability to carry on a press conference without walking away and with his massive GIFT to the Taliban of $85 BILLION in planes, helicopters, armored vehicles, guns and ammo (not to mention the “kill sheets”), Biden MUST be impeached or forced to leave office.

The idiot has apparently never heard of The Nuremberg Code. Governments cannot forcibly vaccinate those who don’t want to be vaccinated, and anyway, the Pfizer and Moderna jabs ARE NOT VACCINES! They are EXPERIMENTAL GENE THERAPIES!

Biden wants to take us to Australia’s way of doing things–to become a Communist country. He WILL NOT SUCCEED!