I’m A Law-And-Order Conservative And I’m Offended At Trump’s Push For Amnesty

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I’m A Law-And-Order Conservative And I’m Offended At Trump’s Push For Amnesty

By Dave Levine

Amnesty isn’t as important as keeping the Federal Government going, fortunately. If it was, it would have passed years ago. It IS, however one of the “third rail issues” for Conservatives along with abortion, the death penalty and homosexual marriage. A “third rail issue” is one that is intractable with Conservatives, one they will go to the mat to block and stop from passing. Rep. Steve King is a good example of a pol who will “go to the mat” to stop Amnesty. Unfortunately, there aren’t many like him in Congress and there are NO such persons in The White House!

President Trump would be well over 50% in popularity if he had kept his promise to not sign an Amnesty bill. Since becoming President, he’s done everything he can–including kicking the DACA problem down the proverbial road instead of rescinding it as he promised to do on Day 1–to push Amnesty on Americans. At this point in time, he’s waiting for the Republicans and Democrats to reach a compromise that he can accept on Amnesty–where the wall money is guaranteed, where chain migration is stopped for good and where the Visa Lottery (bringing in 50,000 aliens per year) has ended. Fortunately for Americans, the Democrats won’t accept the wall or an end to chain migration. But it’s very possible that Trump may drop chain migration and just insist on wall funding and that could be accepted by Democrats. So much for his “70-Point Immigration Plan” from last fall! He’s down to just 3 points.

It’s a shame more American voters didn’t do their research and believe his March 30, 2011 interview on O’Reilly or his April 14, 2015 interview with Brett Baier where he talked about his “touchback” Amnesty scheme. After seeing those interviews, it’s impossible NOT to come away with the impression that Trump is for Amnesty and would sign it if elected President. I watched those interviews and they solidified my #NeverTrump status. All the anti-illegal alien rallies he held during the campaign were lies: Trump has NO INTENTION of holding to his “No Amnesty” promise!

I don’t WANT to oppose President Trump but nearly everything he’s done since taking office has proven to me that he’s NOT my friend, that he’s NOT working in the nation’s interest. Instead, he’s working for his rich buddies’ interests! Amnesty guarantees them and their companies cheap alien labor.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

  1. Almost every adviser and every cabinet member are pro-Amnesty advocates;
  2. Even supposed Conservative adviser Stephen Miller is behind Trump’s Amnesty Plan.


If Trump had been serious about stopping the Invasion from Mexico and never signing an Amnesty bill, he would have made Kris Kobach DHS Chief and wouldn’t be promoting Amnesty as he continues to do. We now hear that “catch and release” is continuing at the Border as the Border Patrol is being overwhelmed by Invaders. Trump isn’t doing anything about that.

Conservative voters and activists have time to stop the Amnesty push. But Ryan and McConnell are going to be working hard behind the scenes to pass an Amnesty bill that Trump will sign. We can stop this by speaking out strongly and often against Amnesty.

Angel Moms and Dads are in D.C. to tell Republican Congressmen to oppose Ryan’s Amnesty efforts, God bless them! This is the kind of activism we need!

Our nation’s survival hangs in the balance.