iHeartRadio Going Under, $20 Billion In Debt

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iHeartRadio Going Under, $20 Billion In Debt

The above is my version of title by Ciara Linnane at marketwatch.com.

I have ZERO sympathy for the management at iHeartRadio. They treated me like crap when I offered them my law-and-order talk show to one of their two stations in this area. Fortunately, an NBC News affiliate (KCAA AM) saw the potential in The Dave Levine Show and gave me a juicy time slot (3 PM) during the afternoon commute.

The same warm, professional treatment came from my current station, KMET 1490 AM, an ABC News affiliate where I currently do my 10 AM Pacific show between The Clark Howard Show and The Dave Ramsey Show. I cannot say enough about the owners and Director of Marketing there!

Two Independent stations took a chance on me (I will be forever grateful to both). iHeart snubbed me.