If Trump Is Taken Down, It Will Be By His Own Party

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If Trump Is Taken Down, It Will Be By His Own Party

By Dave Levine

Donald Trump is (and this has been said many times by many people) “his own worst enemy”. He’s not getting things done with a RINO-run Congress. He’s losing the support of many in his base. The wall and the repeal Obamacare aren’t going to happen. His own Chief of Staff John Kelly has supposedly told Trump to forget the wall. And 20 million Americans want to hang on to their Obamacare paid by other Americans. Congressional RINOs are truly afraid of cancelling those 20 million Americans’ Obamacare coverage.

Part of why he’s “not getting things done” is due to his hiring so many liberals in his cabinet and because he’s kept uber-liberal family members as “advisors”. Had Trump put Kris Kobach as DHS Chief and other Conservatives at other positions, things would be different. Instead, rumor has it that he’s close to naming pro-Amnesty Rep. Mike McCaul or pro-Amnesty Sec. of Energy “RINO Rick” Perry as DHS Chief. This move would cost Trump millions of Conservative supporters.

Part of the reason some are calling for him to resign or be impeached is of course, the Russia connection. We’ll see what Mueller comes up with. But the fact is…Americans aren’t going to accept a President who is “buddies” with the Russian Communists.

The one chance he has to “redeem” himself is to act appropriately and quickly against N. Korea who is threatening to nuke us.

Regarding other talk show hosts who blame the left for trying to force Trump out, if he IS forced to resign, it will be his own party that tells him to bow out and let VP Pence take the reins.

There may come a time when Trump has worn out his welcome mat with Conservatives. I believe that time is quickly approaching.