If Senator Cruz Endorses Trump, I’ll Be More Determined Than Ever To Stop The Maniac

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If Senator Cruz Endorses Trump, I’ll Be More Determined Than Ever To Stop The Maniac


By Dave Levine

This morning’s piece at The Resurgent by Josh Hammer was eye-opening and depressing but at the same time one that makes me even more determined (if that’s possible) as a #NeverTrump patriot to stop Trump. Trump is telling us “The #NeverTrump movement is dead.” After reading Hammer’s piece, I’m inclined to agree with him.

I hope to God Hammer is wrong but he attended Saturday’s Federalist Society confab in Austin and listened to every word that Senator Cruz said. Cruz apparently came ever-so-close to endorsing Trump.

Needlesstosay, Hammer’s piece isn’t nearly tough enough, strong enough for a #NeverTrump patriot to write. It’s like Hammer is trying to “carve out a space” for Cruz where the Senator can hide when he tells Conservatives what we’ve feared he’d tell us all along, when the Conservative world explodes around him in anger.

Jeff Roe’s telling post that Cruz is seeing “Conservative movement” by Trump was laying the groundwork for an endorsement–to try and “ease” the expected Cruzite anger over such a move. That in itself is ridiculous as there IS no way to do that! The response by #NeverTrump Patriots will be swift and powerful. There will be a lot of depressed Cruzites running about here on Facebook but there will also be strong responses from others who’ve been loyal to Cruz.

I’m looking forward to hearing what #NeverTrump leader and fellow talk show host Steve Deace will say to all this. But the bottom line for me and for millions of other #NeverTrump Patriots is this: Cruz can do as he wishes but we will never vote for the liberal Maniac! Never means “never”!


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  1. . Ruth Bacon says:

    Please, Ted, Trump does not need your endorsement, but the country does need you as a bulwark of conservative consistency.

  2. greg halvorson says:

    WELL SAID… Will share at The Conservative Hammer.

  3. AFVet4America says:

    Should Sen Cruz endorse it will make no difference to my vote. I would never vote for hillary or tRump. It’s not about Sen Cruz it’s that both of these candidates are unfit for the office of POTUS and I won’t cast a vote for either of them.

    • N0T2L8 says:

      Well said! I can’t add much more. I will support Cruz because he supports and defends the Constitution but I will lose some respect for the man should he endorse.

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