Huskies Do Stanford A Huge Favor Creaming Colorado, 41-10

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Huskies Do Stanford A Huge Favor Creaming Colorado, 41-10

By Dave Levine

The Huskies did Stanford a huge favor tonight, destroying Colorado 41-10. Colorado (10-3) played so poorly that there is NO way that the Rose Bowl Committee will select the Buffaloes for The Rose Bowl. Sticking a team that gets blown out into The Rose Bowl doesn’t make any sense. Send Colorado to The Cotton Bowl!

That leaves Washington (12-1), Stanford (9-3) and USC (9-3) for the Pac-12 representative in The Rose Bowl. Washington will defer and play in the playoffs instead against the undefeated Alabama.

USC–who beat Colorado and Washington this year–lost at home to Stanford. No way should the Trojans beat out Stanford for The Rose Bowl! With identical records, head-to-head is all-important but the pea-brained announcers on Fox Sports refused to mentioned that fact. What pompous jerks!

The worst that could happen to Stanford would be USC getting The Rose Bowl nod and Stanford going to The Holiday Bowl in San Diego against last year’s Rose Bowl opponent, Iowa.

For my money, Stanford should get The Rose Bowl nod. They won the head-to-head against USC and they’ve won their last 5 straight games. They also have THE most exciting player in college football in Christian McCaffrey, last year’s Heisman runner-up.

USC can go play in The Foster Farms Chicken Bowl.

Much thanks to the Huskies for showing the nation how awful Colorado is, a team Stanford would have beaten had they had their starting cornerbacks.