How President Trump Can Get Proof Of ‘The Stolen Election’ Out Where The Nation Can See What Really Happened

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How President Trump Can Get Proof Of ‘The Stolen Election’ Out Where The Nation Can See What Really Happened

By Dave Levine

Four weeks ago, I posted a short piece here. Apparently, few people read it, so I’m posting my idea again but extended with some variations. While some may think it was “tongue and cheek”, I was totally serious then as I am now. I hope President Trump reads this.

President Trump needs to get the message out (that the 2020 Election was STOLEN from him) in the form of a documentary film. 80 million voters aren’t going to accept getting the shaft due to massive, historic fraud to steal their votes! Both President Trump and the millions who voted for him deserve justice but the MSM won’t allow such a documentary to be aired. President Trump would need to find a way around the MSM.

President Trump has tens of millions of dollars left over from The Stolen Election. In order to get his message out to the rest of the nation, a detailed film told in documentary style about The Stolen Election needs to be made. It would be easy to put one together (Mike Lindell just put one together). It would include evidence presented at the state legislature hearings in AZ, GA, MI, PA and WI. It would also present evidence of The Stolen Election in CO, NM and VA. It would have video footage of vans unloading thousands of ballots 8 hours after the polls closed and videos of Detroit’s TCF Center Democrat workers telling the Republican poll watchers to go home, then counting unchecked ballots late into the night, counting them multiple times. The 1,200 affidavits would be shown along with sworn testimony of Election experts like Jovan Hutton Pulitzer. Peter Navarro’s superb trilogy The Navarro Report would also be examined.

Let’s assume that such a video is created. Whatever President Trump wants it to be called–The Stolen Election, The Big Steal, etc.–is of course up to him. Getting it out and into the public square so that Americans can go to see it is key. The MSM have tried to silence him. Unless he buys his own tv channel or network, there isn’t the certainty that many Americans will see it. He could easily create a website and have it playing there but I have an even better idea.

With his millions of dollars, President Trump could lease shuttered movie theatres across the county and have his documentary film play there. Armed security guards would be needed to guard these theatres, especially in the blue cities and metal detectors would be needed at each of them to screen patrons. Trump would offer to pick up the tab for this protection. Of course, theatres are closed in Lockdown states, so this could be problematic.

Advertizing the film would be easy. I have no doubts that it would be a smash hit! I believe a small admission fee ($5 per person) would make it easy for folks to see it.

The film would prove that The Stolen Election happened and that President Trump won a massive landslide victory. Whether this would create a constitutional crisis is for another post. The most important thing the film would do is prove to millions of Americans that the 2020 Election WAS STOLEN and that Biden IS ILLEGITIMATE!