How To Stop Amnesty And The Liar Trump: Governor Greg Abbott

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How To Stop Amnesty And The Liar Trump: Governor Greg Abbott

By Dave Levine

If House Conservatives–including the HFC Republicans, some of whom are not Conservatives–can stop Ryan’s effort to pass Amnesty this year and if the GOP somehow keeps its control of the House on November 6th, that will give the GOP two more years of control and we’ll be in the middle of the 2020 Campaign. The RINOs and Trump will have less of a chance of passing Amnesty then because it would become a campaign issue (as if it isn’t already) that could cost them everything in 2020–The White House, the House and the Senate.

Now that it’s clear that Trump stabbed his base in the back by wanting an Amnesty bill he can sign not to mention other broken promises, it falls to House Conservatives to stop those plans. If House Conservatives fail in that effort, Conservative voters will “give up” voting and the Democrats will be in power for the rest of our lifetime. But there is one “tough-as-nails” Conservative politician who can help stop Amnesty and the demise of his party, a man we haven’t heard much from this year–Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Governor Abbott recently won a huge legal victory over the ACLU in federal appeals court for the toughest anti-illegal alien and toughest anti-Sanctuary City law in the nation, SB 4. He beat the RINOs in the legislature driving that bill thru–they actually voted for it! And he just won a whopping 90% of the Republican vote in the Texas Primary.

Abbott is an immensely popular Governor and has made few if any mistakes. Talk of “Texas turning blue” is total b.s., a pipe dream of the left.

Over at Breitbart, some angry Conservative commentors are asking, “What can we do to stop Trump in 2020?” The answer is Governor Greg Abbott.

Let’s look at what Abbott would do if he runs for the Republican nomination:

-He’d win the South, possibly even Florida which is moving to purple from red due to idiot RINOs like Governor Rick Scott and the RINOs running the legislature. Not coincidentally, crime has spiked under the RINOs rule and their gun-grabbing has angered Conservative voters there. He’d probably win some right-leaning Democrats due to “the sympathy vote” as Abbott is in a wheelchair for life.

-He’d win the Mountain States and much of the Midwest. The only states he’d have trouble in would be the liberal Northeast. The Evangelicals will adore him which would help him in Iowa, Oklahoma and Tennessee.

-I suspect that Governor Abbott would also do well in California and Nevada among Conservative voters.

If Trump decides not to run (which is a strong possibility at this point), Pence would be Governor Abbott’s strongest opponent. Abbott would wipe the floor with him!

If this is “the perfect time” to announce he’s running for president (it’s a little over two years before the Election), what is keeping Governor Abbott from making that move? Is he waiting for Labor Day?

This inquiring Conservative voter and I’m sure many others want to know.