How RINOs Can Be Beaten By Conservative Candidates

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How RINOs Can Be Beaten By Conservative Candidates

By Dave Levine

RINOs are the problem for Conservatives in American politics. The ones controlling the GOP–House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell–are two that have to go. But there aren’t enough House or Senate Conservatives to oust them and some undoubtedly fear going against their “leaders” for receiving retribution by being removed from committees, etc. It is thus up to Conservative voters to do it.

The difficulty for Conservative voters isn’t mentioned in Blaine Winship’s piece “Why RINOs Must Go” at American Thinker. Many Conservative voters have left the Republican Party. To continue supporting Republicans has thus become problematic for many of us.

That difficulty is laid bare by a basic fact–the system is rigged against Conservative challengers to the RINO incumbents. The RINOs, by definition, are “rich, liberal Republicans” who are shills to big business aka the Chamber. To beat the incumbent RINOs, Conservative voters have TWO chances each election–to either 1) knock the RINOs out in the primary (which is nearly impossible due to massive money from the Chamber) and if that fails, 2) hold our respective noses and vote for the Democrat Socialist in the midterm or General Election. Conservative voters have proven they don’t have the stomach for the latter. Thus, all the RINO incumbents need to do is get past the primary and they’re “home free”. Professor Dave Brat was able to “primary” powerful RINO House Majority Leader Eric Cantor but this was an anomaly.

No other RINO has been “primaried” since Cantor.

To knock the RINOs out in the primaries next year and in 2020, Conservative voters need to get behind REAL Conservative candidates and those candidates have to have money and need to target those RINOs relentlessly. Phony Conservatives–aka faux Conservatives–won’t cut it. Conservative voters will “sniff them out” in a NY minute!

And what issues or issue do Conservatives use to “sniff out” a RINO?

Two words, the words Trump won The White House with–illegal immigration. This can also be called “law and order”, the very thing I base my talk show on. Without law and order, we have anarchy. With illegal alien gangs controlling entire areas of cities, we have anarchy. With 50 to 60 million illegal aliens in the U.S.–not 11 million as stated by the Pew and CENSUS–we have anarchy! With the 8 long years of Obama, we had anarchy. Only this year have our laws been enforced and there’s still lots to be done–doing away with “Catch and Release”, passing a national, mandatory E-verify bill (which the Senate RINOs would stop cold) and putting a 5-year moratorium on legal immigration. Most importantly, ICE raids on businesses must be increased and the President must get behind telling all illegal aliens in the country to “go home!”. If he leads on this issue and gets enough governors to join him, the “self-deportation” that Romney supposedly was behind in 2012 will come to fruition saving American lives and jobs.

To test the authenticity of a Conservative candidate for Congress or anywhere, go to their Issues page. If they don’t have an Issues page, forget them! If they have an Issues page and it doesn’t list “Immigration” as one of the Issues, forget them! If they have a statement on “Immigration”, read it carefully. If it’s “boilerplate RINO”, forget them! If they avoid stating their position on Amnesty, forget them! If they say “We’re a nation of immigrants”, forget them or ask them to change that statement to “We’re a nation of settlers and immigrants”. If they seem to be open to Amnesty “once the Border is secured first” (which I call “firsters”), forget them! John McCain is a firster. Firsters like to sound “tough” on illegal immigration but are in reality RINOs promoting Amnesty for the Chamber or in McCain’s case, “Because we’re ALL God’s children!” Remember that statement at the 2008 Convention?

In the Special Election on August 15th in Alabama, Conservative voters are lucky to have 2 strong Conservatives and one RINO incumbent who was appointed to the seat after Jeff Sessions left to become the AG–Judge Roy Moore and Rep. Mo Brooks. Either man would be a Conservative addition to the Senate. Both are tough on illegal immigration. But likely just one of them will make it to the expected runoff election on September 26th. Whichever Conservative is left out of the runoff, I would expect him to throw his support to the Conservative who stayed.

In the Special Election on August 15th for Jason Chaffetz’s seat in Congress from Utah, Conservative voters have one Conservative and two RINOs in the race. The one Conservative is former state senator Chris Herrod. Herrod is tough-as-nails on illegal immigration. McConnell and the GOPe are flooding that district with Chamber money for the liberal and former Democrat, Provo Mayor John Curtis. But Senator Ted Cruz has been campaigning for Herrod.

These special elections will give Conservatives across the nation an idea of where we stand. The big Chamber money IS AGAINST them. Those being backed by Mitch McConnell and the GOPe like Luther Strange in Alabama and John Curtis in Utah can be defeated by the grass roots. Trump came out the other day endorsing Strange.

Trump can receive a “wake-up” call from Conservative voters on September 26th in Alabama by their giving either Judge Moore or Rep. Mo Brooks the primary win. The message? “RINOs are an endangered species, so get behind the Conservatives!”