Glenn Spencer: One Sure Way Of Losing The Battle

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Glenn Spencer: One Sure Way Of Losing The Battle

I agree with Glenn Spencer that it’s time to stop calling for “a wall”! The BP doesn’t want it and neither do most Americans. A double-layered fence as called for in The Secure Fence Act of 2006? Absolutely!

Spencer and I disagree on the following which he stated in this piece:

“Set a goal of reducing the number of illegal border crossers to no more that 20,000, and hold it for twenty months. After that, allow congress to take up comprehensive immigration reform.”

This sounds like the Mark Krikorian position which is “We’ll talk Amnesty after the Border is secure.” We should NEVER AGAIN talk of Amnesty! It happened unfortunately in 1986 and again under Clinton with 7 small Amnesties during his eight years as President. But it MUST NEVER happen again, because there are now 50 million-plus illegal aliens in the U.S. and because talk of Amnesty, not to mention the act itself, begets more break-ins and more Amnesties!

Comprehensive immigration reform is the RINO’s buzzphrase for Amnesty.