Former ICE Chief Homan: ‘I Think Most Americans Recognize That The President Is Doing The Right Thing For This Country’

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Former ICE Chief Homan: ‘I Think Most Americans Recognize That The President Is Doing The Right Thing For This Country’

The above is my version of title by Jason Hopkins at CDN.

I respect Chief Homan (who should be running DHS) but I strongly disagree with him for his statement about “Trump doing the right thing”:

-Is signing The Spending Bill back on February 15, 2019 (with it’s Amnesty for adult illegals who grab a child and break into the U.S. with the child) “doing the right thing”?

-Is signing The Spending Bill this past week along with the NDAA Renewal Bill, each with their own Amnesties “the right thing to do”?

-Was signing “National Jailbreak” (aka The First Step Act) on December 20, 2018 “the right thing to do”? Trump did so gleefully, then later said he regretted signing it, then congratulated himself again for signing it!

-Was selecting Open Borders RINO after RINO as DHS Chiefs over the last 3 years “doing the right thing”?

-Is mass resettling of aliens at a time when 3 million illegals have run our Southern Border considered “doing the right thing”? Shouldn’t Trump be pushing a moratorium on legal immigration?

-Was pushing Amnesty after running on an anti-Amnesty platform “doing the right thing”? Does Homan remember Trump’s own “Four Pillars Amnesty Plan” created by supposed Conservative adviser Stephen Miller? Does Homan remember Trump’s wanting to sign The Gang of Four Amnesty bill?

There’s a lot more but I think the point has been made. Trump has signed three (3) Amnesty bills this year–the February 15th Spending-Amnesty Bill, its renewal this month and the NDAA-Amnesty bill, also this month. If Trump is likely to sign a General Amnesty for 50 to 60 million illegals in 2021, why should Conservative voters vote for him? “The lesser of two evils” doesn’t apply if both nominees will sign a General Amnesty bill. Biden has already stated he’ll sign a General Amnesty bill.

Do Conservative voters really want to see Javanka running White House policy for another four years while the country lies in Immigration ruin? The only way to save the nation from destruction is to elect as many anti-Amnesty Conservative Republicans to Congress and for the GOP to take back the House. I don’t believe the RINO-controlled Senate would keep an Amnesty bill from passing. However, if Trump is reelected AND the GOP takes back the House, look for a Republican General Amnesty bill that will pass in 2021 and be signed by Trump.

The GOP seems bent on voting and signing away its own destruction. The Chamber rules. The only way to stop it is to bide 4 years of President Biden stopping every Amnesty bill (assuming Speaker McCarthy would “pull a Boehner”, IE not allow an Amnesty bill to get to the floor) and wait for Governor DeSantis to become President-Elect in 2024.