Faulconer Is Pro-Amnesty And Is A ‘No-Go’ To Replace Newsom In The Recall

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Faulconer Is Pro-Amnesty And Is A ‘No-Go’ To Replace Newsom In The Recall

By Dave Levine

Opinion pieces are already coming out on why former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer “is the only hope for Republicans in the Recall of Newsom” if that Recall happens in November. I disagree. Donald Trump is the leader of the Republican Party nationally and that isn’t any different on The Left Coast! An anti-Trump Republican, Faulconer is not only pro-DACA Amnesty but is also pro-pathway to citizenship for ALL illegals. While he tries to SOUND Conservative on issues like the death penalty (which he claims he would reinstate), Faulconer is a RINO and as such is unacceptable to many CA Conservative voters. To win the Recall, he would have to win 95% of Conservative voters and I don’t see that happening when the truth about his position on the issues is made clear.

Nor do I see that happening for Cox should he also run in the Recall. Cox is no Conservative. He’s just a rich businessman.

The CRP has had a real problem for many years–no Conservatives running for office. The party is seen as “the country club elite” party, not representative of lower and middle-class California Conservatives, a party that is “out-of-touch” with the grass roots.

California is, however, rich in INDEPENDENT Conservative voters! An Independent Conservative candidate who is anti-Amnesty and pro-Trump stands a better chance of winning than Faulconer or any other RINO.

Newsom and his tyranny has pushed many Californians to the right. A Conservative candidate is the only one I would vote for in my Occupied state!