Exclusive: Ted Cruz Endorses Donald Trump For 2020

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Exclusive: Ted Cruz Endorses Donald Trump For 2020

The above is my version of title by Robert Kraychik at Breitbart.

This doesn’t surprise me. Over at Breitbart, I posted the following:

I wrote back after Cruz lost the nomination to Trump that he (Cruz) wouldn’t run in 2020. There are any number of good reasons “why”.

-The 2016 campaign was brutal on his family and he wouldn’t want to put them thru it again,
-The eligibility issue dogged him and would again if he were to run,
-He would have zero chance to win the Northeast and difficulty winning Florida in spite of his name and
-There’s a highly successful, eminently popular, law-and-order, tough-as-nails Governor in his own state who has political aspirations of his own in 2020, someone who is eligible to be President, someone he wouldn’t want to run against

So, what will Cruz supporters do? I believe most of them will support Governor Abbott if he chooses to run against Trump.