Erick Erickson, Jeb Bush Adviser Come Out For DACA Amnesty

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Erick Erickson, Jeb Bush Adviser Come Out For DACA Amnesty

The above is my version of title by John Binder at Breitbart.

I was never a fan of Erickson. He’s the epitome of “a Republican first and a Conservative second”, meaning when it comes to Amnesty, he supported McCain in 2008, Romney in 2012 when true Conservatives were staying home.

I was part of the #NeverTrump movement due to Trump’s pro-“touchback Amnesty” position which he flaunted in his March 30, 2011 interview on O’Reilly and in his April 14, 2015 interview with Brett Baier, both available on youtube. I maintain a “#NeverTrump” on my blogsite’s homepage as Trump has shown that he will sign an Amnesty bill from Congress. No President gets my support unless I am convinced he is strongly opposed to Amnesty and will never sign such a bill.

There were factions within the #NeverTrump movement. Some were law-and-order Conservatives like me, others were Christian Conservatives who found his past and personality to be repugnant. Erickson was part of the GOPe wing of the Conservative movement, a wing close to the bastards most Conservatives wanted “out” of office. He hobnobbed with the rich and powerful RINOs. To me, Erickson was always a faux Conservative.

To say “the NeverTrump movement has failed” isn’t quite true. While Trump was elected, one of the reasons many #NeverTrump Conservatives didn’t vote for him was because he was pushing “touchback” Amnesty from even before he announced he was running. And to this day, Amnesty HAS NOT PASSED CONGRESS!

Reports at the pro-Trump Breitbart News site are that “Amnesty is dead”, that it’s movers like Rep. Luis Gutierrez are leaving Congress and that support for Amnesty among the American people is diminishing mostly due to the “fairness issue”.

I certainly hope that Amnesty is dead but with the Chamber and religious groups pushing it harder than ever now, I don’t think it’s really “dead”.

We’ll know if it’s truly “dead” in a few weeks and by March 6th.