‘Editor’s Note’ From Glenn Beck’s Facebook Page On Cruz’s Capitulation

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‘Editor’s Note’ From Glenn Beck’s Facebook Page On Cruz’s Capitulation

Susanne Donaldson posted this Editor’s Note from Glenn Beck‘s Facebook page this afternoon in the aftermath of Cruz’s capitulation on endorsing Trump. Much thanks to Susanne, a fierce #NeverTrump Patriot, for making me aware of this!

My position is different from Glenn’s. I would not have Senator Cruz on my talk show after what he did to the Conservative movement and to his loyal followers today. Senator Cruz has lost my support.

Editor’s Note:

Glenn spoke with Senator Ted Cruz early this afternoon [9/23/16] by phone for about 40 minutes.

Their conversation was described as private, respectful to each other’s POV and pointed at times.

Mr Beck stated immediately following the phone call:

“Standing alone doesn’t mean you are wrong, it merely means you are standing alone. I have been here before. In someways it is how I built my career and it is certainly why I built Mercury Radio the way I did. To be free of all commercial, corporate and political ties so I am able to speak my mind even if the entire political and corporate world disagrees.”

During the call, Senator Cruz agreed that he needed to speak with Glenn’s audience himself as many in his audience campaigned for the Senator during his run for President.

While many who, view, listen, read and follow Mr Beck are now supporting the GOP candidate, many are voting their conscience by looking outside the party nominees.

Senator Cruz will be on The Glenn Beck radio program Monday between 9am and 12n eastern.

The exact time of the interview is yet to be determined by the Cruz camp and GBP producers.

Glenn has much to say on this issue and to the Senator and will be addressing his personal views as soon as Monday on his national radio program which is seen and heard by 10 million Americans on over 400 stations nationwide, Sirius/XM and the Blaze TV.

2 Responses

  1. pinecone says:

    I hope that when Beck has Cruz on his show on Monday, that Beck makes it as uncomfortable for Cruz as possible. I don’t think there is anything that Cruz can say/explain that will ease the sadness and disgust that so many of Cruz’s most ardent supporters are feeling today, and will continue to feel for a long time., until Cruz no longer enters anyone’s thoughts. I suspect that every time Cruz now takes up what would be the good fight in the Senate that anyone will take him as seriously as they did before. I don’t think Cruz understands the major damage he inflicted on himself, but he will find out when it is far too late.

    • Dave Levine says:

      I agree, pinecone. He’s lost some credibility with his most ardent supporters. We’ll have to see how this plays out. Watch for Governor Abbott to pick up the mantle and run with it now that there’s somewhat of a void in Conservative leadership…

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