Dr. Kelli Ward (Running Against Senator Jeff Flake) Tough On Illegal Immigration?

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Dr. Kelli Ward (Running Against Senator Jeff Flake) Tough On Illegal Immigration?

By Dave Levine

I did not support Dr. Kelli Ward in her attempt to unseat John McCain three years ago because I didn’t think she was tough enough on illegal immigration. Now she’s running against “John McCain Jr.”, Senator Jeff Flake. Flake is as bad as McCain as he’s a strong supporter of Amnesty.

So, is Dr. Ward tough on illegal immigration? She backs Trump’s efforts therein but has she come out for mandatory E-verify, ending “Catch and Release”, ending DACA Amnesty (which Trump refuses to do)?

Here’s her campaign site’s Immigration section. It sounds like “boilerplate” Republican b.s.–no specifics and avoids the Amnesty issue completely:

“National Security starts with border security. We can never be secure as a nation as long as we have wide open borders and a dysfunctional immigration system. We cannot reward breaking our laws with citizenship, ever.

Our porous border is directly endangering Arizona children and families, the very people Kelli has spent her career caring for as a family practice doctor. Kelli looks forward to fighting alongside President Donald Trump to stop illegal immigration and secure America‚Äôs borders, our top national security priorities.”

Congress is only allotting $1.6 billion for the fence (I’m not calling it “the wall” as Trump’s advisors have already told him that “the Wall will not be funded”). Trump doesn’t appear to favor putting National Guard troops on the Border, a very expensive venture. Glenn Spencer at American Border Patrol is on this like white on rice, God bless him.

So, should Conservatives replace Jeff Flake with a politician who won’t state her position on Amnesty, mandatory E-verify, Catch and Release, a moratorium on legal immigration and birthright citizenship?

I refuse to vote for “the lesser of two evils” again, so I cannot support her. Aren’t there any Conservatives in Arizona who want to run for office?