Dr. Jane Ruby Discusses ‘Shedding’

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Dr. Jane Ruby Discusses ‘Shedding’

By Dave Levine

I have close friends as well as new friends who don’t believe that “shedding”–the transmission of nanoparticles or spike proteins from “jabbed” persons (aka the Vaccinated) to the Unvaccinated–is happening. As we know, about 2/3s of American adults have been jabbed at least twice, most of them 3 times (aka “boostered”). The other 1/3 of American adults are Unvaccinated and are known as “pure bloods”. Two close friends I know just began a new relationship; one of them had two Pfizer shots and will not have the booster and other is Unvaxxed. They believe there is no such thing as “shedding”.

Dr. Jane Ruby believes that “shedding” has been proven. She discusses this at 48 minutes into her Premium broadcast on Red Voice Media from Friday, May 20th here.

Naturopath Dr. Aryana Love (my guest on Wednesday May 25th) believes “shedding” exists and she’ll be discussing it during the interview.

Some medical doctors believe “shedding” exists and is a real danger. Another former guest Dr. Lee Merritt is one. Dr. Sheri Tenpenny is another. So does Dr. Judy Mikovits and so does Dr. Peter McCullough.

The question I have of urgent concern is: Does shedding mean that the Unvaxxed person (who has intimate contact with a Vaxxed person) is going to be infected for life? Similarly, is there a point in time–say 1 year after having the jab–that the Vaxxed person is no longer shedding?