Dr. Jane Ruby Discusses ‘Shedding’, ADE And VAIDS

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Dr. Jane Ruby Discusses ‘Shedding’, ADE And VAIDS

By Dave Levine

I’m a subscriber to the Premium Membership at The Stew Peters Show at Red Voice Media. Dr. Jane Ruby has her show–The Jane Ruby Show–that follows Peters’ show. On her Friday 2/25 show, she broached the subject of “shedding” at 29:44 into her show. Finally, a podcast of note that is talking about what we’ve been talking about on The Dave Levine Show–shedding!

I like Dr. Jane’s discussion of “shedding”. My Guest on Wednesday’s show, Dr. Lee Merritt, discussed “shedding” for a good portion of the interview.

More needs to be researched and discussed on “shedding”!