Donald Trump: ‘DACA Is Probably Dead’

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Donald Trump: ‘DACA Is Probably Dead’

By Charlie Spiering at Breitbart

Trump’s reelection chances are also “probably dead”. Supporting Amnesty against what the American people want and as a shafting of his base voters must have SOME consequence. If you go to Breitbart, however, his supporters continue with the incessant “MAGA!”

Trump could have–and should have–ended DACA on Day 1 last January. Instead, he let it live. He didn’t keep his campaign promise; he lied.

Whether he kicked it down the road to embarrass the Democrats knowing they’d never go for “a deal with enforcement” isn’t the issue. The issue IS…he WANTED a deal, he WANTED the Amnesty!

In the end, assuming DACA IS dead, Rep. Steve King is looking strong after being the only Republican who hung tough against Amnesty. King should be elected Speaker for his efforts.