Divided Government Is The Answer Until 2024 To Protect The Nation From Amnesty

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Divided Government Is The Answer Until 2024 To Protect The Nation From Amnesty

By Dave Levine

There are, as I see it, four (4) categories of voters and non-voters in the November Election:

  1. Trumpster Republicans
  2. Democrats
  3. Disaffected Conservatives including some Republicans (non-voters) and
  4. Independents


As everyone knows, there are millions more registered Democrat voters than Republican voters. Trump’s moves to the left (signing Jailbreak along with the Amnesty bills last month) were attempts to peel off millions of them from The Democrat Party.

But these moves have angered intelligent Conservative voters (those who haven’t drunk the Trump Kool-Aid) and I believe there are now millions of angry Conservative voters–voters who are angry and disgusted with Trump for the lies and the betrayals on Immigration (the wall, Amnesty and drop in deportations) and law-and-order (Jailbreak).

Moreover, I believe intelligent Conservative voters can “read the tea leaves”–that Trump is gearing up for pushing a General Amnesty for 50 to 60 million illegal aliens in early 2021 and possibly Jailbreak II–the emptying of our federal prisons. Biden also has a General Amnesty plan but it won’t likely pass as long as the GOP controls the House and I believe the GOP will take back the House in November.

I believe the number of angry Conservative voters far outnumbers black Democrats who will vote for Trump. These angry Conservative voters will be the millions of non-voters who will turn the Election.

The longtime ploy by Trumpsters who defended Trump in the past saying, “He isn’t responsible for moving left–it’s his lefty advisors!” doesn’t work any longer. It’s been 3 years since he became President and RINO after RINO have been made DHS Chief while 4,000 drug traffickers have been released into our communities with the stroke of his pen. The buck stops with Trump!

As I’ve written and talked about, the only way to stop Amnesty is “divided government until 2024” when I expect Conservative Governor Ron DeSantis to run for president. If Biden beats Trump and the GOP wins back the House, there’s a good chance Amnesty can be stopped until 2024. If Amnesty for 50 to 60 million lawbreakers passes and is signed by Trump (including Amnesty for 2 million illegal alien gang bangers), it will tear the nation apart. Although DeSantis voted for The Gang of Four Amnesty Bill in June 2018, I believe he will be “the anti-Amnesty President”.

To those who say, “DACA Amnesty didn’t pass with the Republicans controlling both Houses in 2018”, the reason is all Democrats voted against it, preferring their own Amnesty down the road that has no enforcement provisions. Only a handful of House Conservatives voted against The Gang of Four Amnesty Bill in 2018. I highly doubt that Democrats will vote against Amnesty again. With a Democrat President and the House controlled by Republicans, I believe Speaker McCarthy will keep Amnesty from getting to the floor for fear of a repeat of 2018 when 37 House RINOs and 1 Libertarian Conservative got the boot from angry voters, giving the House to Pelosi.

Angry Conservatives stayed home and kept Amnesty mover John McCain from becoming President in 2008 and four years later kept Amnesty mover Mitt Romney from becoming President. They can and must do it again in 2020!

Divided government is the answer until 2024.