Disinfect It Or Sink It!

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Disinfect It Or Sink It!

By Dave Levine

The Grand Princess–either clean/disinfect it or sink it! The Princess Cruise Line and other cruise lines had better get its act together! Americans don’t want to live in “a petri dish” with alien crew members and alien guests who’ve not been tested for disease prior to boarding!

My late mother took a Royal Viking cruise years ago with her sister and got terribly sick with norovirus. The cruise lines have had a problem with this FOR DECADES and now, it’s gone deadly.

But what if, after disinfecting these ships, they go back to not testing and not screening their crews and passengers?

And why hasn’t Trump and the federal government going after these cruise lines DEMANDING they change their ways to protect Americans on these cruises? I think we know the answer to that one!